RECIPE BELOW: Patacones! Ok @ticobavaro I followed your directions for patacones! I listed what I did (right or wrong) below. I went to La Carreta Supermarket in Orange, CA on Chapman. They have great deals on produce, and it’s my hook up for plantains on the regular. I prepped the plantains as I usually do, by cutting off the ends, running a slit down the husk with the knife, and peeling it off with my fingers. Once peeled, I cut the plantains into four roughly equal parts. I laid them on their sides to fry. This seemed to make sense to me because it got more of the plantain in the avocado oil – healthy fat and fairly stable cooking oil. Ifried them for three minutes on each side. Once done I stood them up on my cutting board which I covered with some parchment paper. The smashing part was tricky ’cause these guys were ‘effin H-O-T!! So… I took another small piece of parchment paper, my spatula (for a firm flat smash), and a folded paper towel (as an insulator from the heat). Generally it was easy and they smashed right down! Finally, fruits of my labor! Delicious! Thanks again for the tip @ticobavaro and Pura Vida!! #delicious #deliciousfood #plantain #patacones #recipe #costarica #puravida #travel #travellocal #outplanettravel #ticobavaro

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