Rapid moving lights from the freeway dance in front of the Setting Sun in Orange County California. The chaos of the commute flies by and comes to a grinding halt not far from where this picture was taken. The malignancy that is the Los Angeles metropolitan area freeway system is a sad example of what our society has become. In my opinion it’s pathetic that we have chosen this as a culture. This can’t be what God intended for our lives. It bothers me that we sacrifice so much of our Lives sitting and freeways going to office and working for businesses that have Antiquated perspectives on how work should be done. Every conversation that I’ve had with a business leader about how telecommuting and work from home or ineffective are inevitably with older business people who don’t understand how to best track productivity and value as it relates to the business and their employees. All of this culminates in displays of active color and grinding painful torturous traffic. It’s a sad situation. And that’s my soapbox commentary for the day. #carvista #travellocal #itookthispic #irvine #irvinecalifornia #traffic #commute #commuter #southerncalifornia #society #travelspiritually #sunset #findbeautywhereyouare #sun #light #outplanettravel

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