My daughter will tell you that I love her no matter what. One of the things my Heavenly Father has been teaching me is His Heart. God is Love, a divine Love. So many of His blessings come in the form of perspective. He Loves us beyond human reason. Beyond the love we can muster. Far beyond our emotional intelligence and understanding. Love no matter what means that even when it’s hard, I love. Even when people come against me, I love. And regardless of what situation we are in, I love. It’s the mark of a follower, to love. But we cannot on our own. We are in total dependence on El Elohim who through His Spirit is able to manifest His Love in us. Only Jesus did this completely, and only in Jesus was the Father well pleased. But despite ourselves, He Loves us. And the Heart of the Father is manifested in me when I empty myself and allow Him in. And because of this I know that no matter what, I will always love my daughter. And through this, she receives His Love and is learning about the strength of this incredible blessing! #travelspiritually #elelohim #adonai #god #godisgreat #jesus #holyspirit #fatherdaughter #blessings #blessingfromgod #blessingsfromgod #fathersheart #love #followerofjesus #believer #outplanettravel

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