Picture 1 (original no filter) of 2 (filters applied). Experimenting to see the before and after. No filters was a happenstantial shot with distortion and noise applied by glass. Picture 2 pulls out more blue and fades the edges into obscurity as the focus is applied. To some extent effects can happen with a good camera, lense, and knowledge of angles F-stop and lighting. Filters allow you to perhaps be a little lazy on a shoot and “fix” these things later. I used to to this for professional photographers on things like wedding and senior portraits. But that does not make me a photographer. But with quick snaps for material I can take a picture into more of a painting with colors, overexposure, focus, etc. #carvista #travellocal #itookthispic #orangecountyca #orangecalif #sky #trees #sun #sunshine #glasswindow #distortion #focus #outplanettravel

via Instagram http://ift.tt/2ivb71A

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