The sky was just amazing yesterday! I think sometimes people either take it for granted, or forget to look up, but I think it’s an incredible canvas where El Elohim paints beauty for all of us to enjoy! I praise Adonai for the blessings He richly delivers. I am trying to regularly notice them, and my constant dependence on Him, and give thanks and praise to who Abraham called Yahweh Jireh, our provider! The clouds created a dithering effect similar to a sunset. This happens when the atmosphere filters out part of the light spectrum. It’s why our sky is blue, why sunsets are hues of yellow, Orange and red, and why the full spectrum of less effected light appears white. The science is interesting, but the reality of beauty that shines through the universal mechanics is more beautiful! Praise be to Adonai! Praise the Lord for loving us so deeply! And thank you Jesus for opening the way for us to have a personal relationship with the Father! #travelspiritually #findbeautywhereyouare #adonai #god #godisgreat #jesus #holyspirit #elelohim #sky #trees #silouette #clouds #cloudysky #buenapark #buenaparkca #buenaparkcalifornia #california #travellocal #itookthispic #orangecountyca #outplanettravel

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