What can we create that Adonai can’t out do? We build our creations over months and years. In moments He paints the sky in ways that reflect His Glory! We build our modern temples that reach to the sky in worship of money. But He owns the sky! El Elohim, King of kings. The gods of this world bow down to you, and You will reign into eternity! What a demonstration of your Grace, Mercy, Patience, and Love for us that You tolerate these lesser gods, and our failures that separate us from You. #elelohim #adonai #god #godisgreat #jahova #jahovajirah #travelspiritually #findbeautywhereyouare #itookthispic #irvine #irvinecalifornia #sunsets #sunset #california #travellocal #outplanettravel

via Instagram http://ift.tt/2iQmBMM

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