My daughter and niece holding 2 day old chickens yesterday at a Primal Pastures farm tour! We’ve really gotten into caring about the food we put in our body. In high school the only organic farmer I knew was Mele’s dad, who had organic almonds. But more and more it seems farms are popping up that do Ag the way God designed it. Of course, the big food industry steals terms like “organic” and “pasture raised” so that they mean nothing. So you have to be careful and learn about your food! While there we learned about the Standard American Diet, or S.A.D. So much to say, so much to learn. I’m blessed to have a wife who cares about this stuff! #delifeful @delifefull_ #travellocal #farmtour #primalpastures #murrieta #merrietaca #murrietacalifornia #california #healthyfood #fatherdaughter #outplanettravel

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